Criminal Law Practice of John R. Emmett, Attorney at Law

Trenton Criminal Law Attorney

Criminal law

From the opening of our office in 1984 to the present time we have handled criminal cases as a large part of our practice. We primarily practice in the courts of Dade County, Georgia, and the City of Trenton but have handled such cases in the Superior Courts of the other counties in the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit of Georgia, being Catoosa County, Chattooga County, and Walker County.

FELONY CASES – We have handled a multitude of felony cases, including drug possession charges, weapons charges, theft and burglary cases, assault and battery cases, and indeed a variety of felony-type matters.

MISDEMEANOR CASES – We also represent persons charge with misdemeanor offenses, including simple battery, domestic violence charges, marijuana possession, and traffic offenses in the various courts.

DUI – Defense of drinking driver cases has always been a large portion of the local criminal practice. Today we are seeing an emphasis on such cases involving supposed impairment by prescription medication. We are well-versed on the peculiarities of the local court system and the practical and logistical concerns inherent in dealing with our local system of justice, including in which courts these cases should be presented and what sorts of defenses and defense tactics should be pursued.

PROBATION REVOCATION MATTERS – We often are able to assist persons who have been placed on probation and thereafter accused of violating the terms and conditions of their probation. These cases are much different that typical criminal cases as there is no right of jury trial and the standard of proof is less than in an original proceeding.

Criminal cases are sometimes the most challenging types of matters but can be the most gratifying and rewarding for the defense attorney to handle. The goal is always to obtain the best possible result for the client.