Family Law Practice of John R. Emmett, Attorney at Law

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Family law

Our office has been handling various domestic relations cases and family law matters, primarily in the Superior Court of Dade County, Georgia, for over 28 years, including divorce, child custody, and other similar matters. We handle such cases in the courts of Dade, Walker, and Catoosa County, but our office primarily focuses on matters in Dade County. The types of cases we handle include the following:

ADOPTIONS – We have handled numerous stepparent, relative, and third party adoptions as a part of the practice. These matters include those where parental consent is given to the adoption as well as adoptions without parental consent. Georgia law requires certain notifications to be made to the parents and putative fathers of in all adoptions and our office is well versed in complying with the notification statutes.

DIVORCE – Divorce cases are a large part of any domestic relations practice and our office has handled many such cases over the years, both uncontested and contested matters.

CHILD CUSTODY – We handle child custody cases on a regular basis and have noticed a willingness of courts to consider specialized and individualized custodial arrangements in recent years assuring parents of involvement in their child’s upbringing.

MODIFICATION AND CONTEMPT ACTIONS – Our office also handles modification of court decrees in domestic matters, including modification of child support, child custody and visitation, and similar matters. We also handle contempt actions where enforcement of a prior order is sought. Often the relocation of a parent requires modification of custodial arrangements and we can help with those matters.

LEGITIMATION AND PATERNITY – One of the facts of our society today is that more and more children are born to parents who are not married and often our courts are required to make paternity findings and legitimate children. Our office handles such cases and we are available to assist you in understanding the legal complications arising in such matters.

OTHER – While the above are the most basic domestic relations matters, we have handled other matters such as filing for delayed birth certificates, matters in Juvenile Court involving minor children, applications for guardianship, and similar proceedings.